Garden Tommy Medium

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A Perfect Addition to any Garden to Remember the Fallen. 

The Garden Tommy is made from weathered Corten steel which comes with a beautiful patina to protect it against the elements.

Whether in your garden, at a memorial or any other spot that you choose, these Tommys can be planted into the ground to stand all year round to remember the fallen.

These are solid enough to withstand the elements and the natural rusting process creates a protective barrier which will help the steel last for years to come.

Please note that these are not toys and every care should be taken when unpacking and installing these. 

Size: H: 78cm, W: 28cm

Large variant also available.


Made in the UK and fulfilled by veterans employed by RBLI's social enterprise, Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company.

All proceeds go towards RBLI's efforts of supporting the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed.