"I found my purpose in life again"

Sean is almost entirely blind as a result of a degenerative condition. For almost 15 years, he desperately struggled to secure employment, until he found an opportunity at RBLI. “At RBLI they see me as a person and see what I could do - the support is there from the very top to the bottom.”

“Since I have been here, it’s the happiest I’ve been. Life has truly been given a purpose again.”

"I can safely say that RBLI saved my life"

In 1982, former Welsh Guard Steve was serving on the Sir Galahad in the Falklands War when it was attacked – leaving 56 dead and Steve severely injured. He was then medically discharged and and unable to find work, until he found RBLI.

“They've given me a purpose in life - without them, I don’t know where I’d be. I became part of the family, and I’ve been here ever since.”

You are changing lives

Everything for sale on the RBLI shop is made or fulfilled by veterans and those with disabilities who are employed by RBLI.

Thanks to your support, we can provide this meaningful and sustained employment, carefully producing our products and packing your orders.

About Royal British Legion Industries

Established in 1919, Royal British Legion Industries is a national charity providing employment, welfare and accommodation support to military veterans, their families and dependants - as well as people with disabilities and those who have been long term unemployed. The charity provides a home to more than 300 veterans and their families through their Aylesford, Kent village, including homeless veterans through their emergency accommodation. All veterans living on the village are provided with a tailored welfare support programme to help them regain their independence and overcome challenges caused by physical or mental disability, drug or alcohol dependency, and unemployment.