Engraved Regimental Tankard


Introducing RBLI's officially licensed engraved glass tankards.

  • Makes a fantastic memento or gift for those who are serving, have served or have family links with the Armed Forces.
  • Each tankard is hand-made by Mike, a Royal Navy veteran of 22 years.
  • High quality and heavy weight.
  • Traditional, clear glass with engraved cap badge of your choosing.
  • Large pint size.


These Tankards are designed and supplied to RBLI by Royal Navy veteran Mike Matthews. Please see below a message from Mike:

"I have served just over 22 years in the Royal Navy as a Weapon Engineer reaching the rank of Petty Officer. I have spent my career on various classes of ship, starting out on the old Type 42 Destroyers conducting various operations in the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Sierra Leone. This was followed by a short stint on Type 23 Frigates, back in the gulf. After that I was moved to the Type 45 class, bringing them into service, working with the US navy off the coast of the states and deploying back in the Persian Gulf. I then moved to Single Role Mine Hunters for the last few years conducting various operations between the Baltic Seas and the Gulf.

It was during this time that I found I had cancer resulting in severe back pain. This left me unable to do much at all and in a constant battle with pain. I have been in remission for 2 years now but it has left me with 2 fractures in my spine which is a daily fight with pain to allow me to do things. 

I decided to try and do something with my hands, where I can manage my own time so on bad days I can have a break. I started to etch glasses and then had an idea with using the Tommy. 

The idea for these was that they would make a nice gift for serving, ex serving or family members who have lost someone. They can be used as a keepsake or to hold a toast to them on their special days to remember them."

Please note: due to the handmade nature of these Tankards, they have a 2 week delivery time from the point of order and will arrive separately to the rest of your order.

Please also be aware that these images are for visual representation purposes and the actual engravings may differ slightly.


All proceeds go towards RBLI's efforts of supporting the Armed Forces, those with disabilities and those who are unemployed.