Florence A3 Poster (Contemporary)

Florence A3 Poster (Contemporary)

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Following the feedback from our RBLI award and gift giving day, to say Thank You to our carers and nurses here at RBLI, our veterans in our social enterprise known as Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company are making up our Florence Posters as part of our Thank You collection. This includes:

  • 1 x A3 Poster 
  • Rolled and sent in a poster Tube

Please allow 7 days for delivery from the day of your purchase.

The Artist: Martin Barraud who in 2016 created the iconic Tommy, recently helped RBLI in its very successful VE Day Campaign has created the striking Florence Nightingale image. Martin says, Florence represents the great sacrifice and dedication for the well being of millions. His image of Florence reflects the carers and nurses who have served on the front line today during the Covid-19 pandemic.

RBLI Carers: Front line nurses and carers today face their own battle – facing off against an invisible enemy which threatens not only those for whom they care, but also themselves. Over recent months, teams of nurses and carers all over the country have gone into battle themselves, just as Florence did, to provide crucial care to those who need it most.

RBLI’s care team work across a village which provides a home to more than 300 veterans and their families. The team look after veterans with life-changing injuries and mental scars brought about by conflict as well as elderly residents who have multiple, challenging health conditions, including dementia. All of RBLI’s veteran residents are particularly vulnerable to both Covid-19 and also to time spent in isolation.

During the Covid-19 pandemic our carers have been on the front line against an invisible and deadly enemy. They have worked long hours, facing the fear every day they will lose those they care deeply about, and it is their dedication and professionalism that has carried them through. Not only have they fought a virus they have also made life better, happier, and fuller, for all our veterans. RBLI’s care and welfare approach – which is called STEP IN – is to put personal interests, goals, hobbies and skills at the centre of our care. It brings everyone into a positive and active community. Everyone at RBLI, residents and staff alike know that the impact of their care will last for decades.

The iconic image of the Lady with the Lamp – her practices and her dedication to the care of our nation’s heroes – lives on in our carers today. We hope that just like Florence their work, in the face of an unprecedented nursing challenge, will never be forgotten.